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Posted by Douglas Arrison

September 10, 2016


DASolar has been generating solar PV, solar hot water and solar pool heating sales leads since 2009.  Our customer list has grown steadily over the years through word-of-mouth and reference sales.

It probably seems odd that a company that generates leads would rely on word-of-mouth to sell their own leads.  Why not just turn on the lead generation engine to sell the leads?  I'll tell you why.

Quality Sells Itself 

Our philosophy has always been to focus on quality.  Quality is especially important in the lead generation business, where you are only as good as the last lead you sent.  To achieve the highest quality, we focused on building and refining our systems and training our people to make the right decisions during the qualification process.

When we started the business, we knew that if our leads resulted in profitable sales, our business would grow - and in turn our satisfied customers would help us spread the word and we would thrive.

DASolar Expanding

Taking our success to the next level will require a bit more technology.  We've just finished a website that highlights our new lead types for installers of wind turbines, ev charging stations, geothermal heat pumps, and energy audits.  The site also describes our processes for generating the leads and the culture of DASolar itself.

Exclusive Leads

We offer our leads on an exclusive basis.  If you are interested in trying our high quality exclusive leads, and locking in your territory, please contact us and we will give you a call!


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